Annual meeting 2020 | review 2020, prospect 2021

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year and a year of bumper harvest. This year, the epidemic situation was severe and the cold hit early. However, all the staff of Huiwei united and helped each other. Although they did not reach the company's annual goal, they still had an increase compared with last year.
In 2020, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company canceled the annual meeting of the whole company and adopted the departmental system. According to the annual meeting of each department, the arrangement of each department has achieved very good results.
The electrical group of the organization arranged badminton, billiards, dinner and other activities, so that the body sitting in front of the computer at ordinary times can get stretching exercise, and strengthen the integration between colleagues while carrying out sports activities.

Suzhou after sales group and warehouse software department combine dinner and lottery, the atmosphere is harmonious and lively, so that the colleagues who usually stay in the front line of customers can have a chance to relax

And the production after-sales group, usually hard all kinds of assembly, installation and debugging, take advantage of rare opportunities, get together to play cards, drink and relax

Sales and administrative departments of the dinner, karaoke arrangements of the vivid.

Although there is no commendation at the year-end meeting, the company still awarded medals and bonuses to outstanding employees for their hard work and outstanding achievements in the past year.

2020 good performance, all rely on everyone's cooperation, awesome victory together to carry together, victory and joy to share, 2021 new vision, or you and me, unite and forge ahead, work together to support the new high horse power! I wish all the colleagues 2021 to spend a more powerful year!